The arena is similar to a raid, in that it can only be completed once per hour and gives unique items. However, unlike raids, rewards are given based on how long you can survive. The raiders will fight waves of increasingly difficult enemies until they are killed or the player cancels it.

To unlock the arena, the player must wait for a man with a green cape to visit the base. It costs 50,000 gold to purchase the arena.

To participate in the arena, the player must have 5,000 gold and speak to the man in the green cape, who can be found at the bottom right of the base.

After the fight, items can usually be found in the center of the base.

Rewards Edit

  • Skillbook: Heal Propagation (Very rare)
  • Healing Potion
  • Maddening Scroll
  • Scroll of Healing
  • Contract renewal
  • Scroll of False Courage

Bugs Edit

  • The man in the green cape may vanish. This can be fixed by restarting.
  • 5,000 gold will not be removed instantly upon entering the arena.